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Hand-drawn clipart images and PowerPoint slide templates

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Doodleslide is an add-on for PowerPoint that helps you create incredible presentations.


Use these 2 new buttons to easily choose from over 400 included hand drawn images and 100 useful templates.


Clipart slite template

Doodleslide hand drawn images are superior to standard clip art

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You get over 400 hand drawn images with Doodleslide

With the Doodleslide Plugin, you get over four hundred high-resolution doodle clip art images that are easily inserted using the Plugin’s ‘insert doodle’ button. These doodles allow you to ensure that your clip art images are visually consistent across your entire presentation or suite of presentations. The doodles are engaging, memorable, quirky, dynamic and perfect for visual communication, enhancing your story-telling and ability to create powerful metaphors.
Hand-drawn PowerPoint slide vs typical PowerPoint slide

A huge, diverse range of clip art images are included with Doodleslide

The range of the clip art pictures provided has been designed with the modern presenter in mind, with categories including business departments, electronic gadgets, text-entry and even workflow diagram doodles.
Creative PowerPoint slide vs template PowerPoint slide

Beware of using crappy clip art in your presentations

As we’ve discussed in our blog, presenters need to be careful when using clip art in their PowerPoint presentation slides. Too many presenters rely on clip art to fill space in slides rather than be integrated into the narrative of their presentation. We suggest that instead of only using clip art to accompany on slides, they can become features in themselves, woven into your presentation.

Clip art for better slidesOur clip art is memorable

Doodleslide’s huge library of over 400 clip art images helps you add a human touch to your slides and is far more appealing to audiences.

Doodleslide clip art is versatile

With over 400 stunning, high resolution images in 28 categories, there are images to suit every presentation need. The pack has been designed to suit all presenters, including educators, executives and students. Browse the huge clipart library here to preview the awesome images.

Using Doodleslide clipart is easy

Inserting clipart in your presentation is really easy. Open the slide on which you want to insert an image. Go to the ‘insert’ menu in PowerPoint and click on ‘clipart’. This will open a clipart pane on the right side of the program window, in which you can search for an appropriate term for clipart images. When the images appear, just drag and drop the image onto your slide.

Resize clipart images by holding and dragging any of the four resizing circles on the corners of the image. To tilt (turn) the image, drag the green circle near the resizing circle on the top centre of the image. You can add multiple images on the same slide.

Doodleslide clipart is creative

Not only are the images themselves incredibly creative and charming, but the process of inserting them into your PowerPoint slides is so easy, that you can use your imagination and creativity to combine the images in all sorts of fun ways. We’ve made images of business departments, toys, games, training situations, people’s heads (and separate ‘mix-and-match’ bodies), workflow diagram shapes and many, many more.

Doodleslide clipart is brain-friendly

The latest neuroscience tells us that presentation audiences aren’t able to process both written verbal messages as well as spoken verbal messages as efficiently as they are able to process images accompanied by speech. It is an evolutionary reality that the human brain is suited to comprehending dialogue and visual information in a parallel manner. This is why Doodleslide clipart works so well. Instead of cramming text into your presentation slide, you’ll be able to use Doodleslide images to keep your listeners focused whilst they absorb your ideas. Pictures can be used in both literal as well as metaphorical ways. Doodleslide makes good story-tellers GREAT story-tellers, too!

Our PowerPoint templates save you time

Instead of wasting time searching through the internet for PowerPoint templates and clipart (which is usually poor quality and not legally usable), you can focus on getting your presentation right by employing this vast array of stunning visual communication tools.

Clip art images for PowerPoint

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